Petr Král’s TV appearance on the topic of local food production

Petr Král, Ph.D., the head of the Department of International Business and marketing expert, cooperates, on a regular basis, with the public television broadcaster CT (Czech Television). Together with the editors of the TV show “Černé ovce”, he has been visiting stores in Germany and Austria and comparing them with Czech super- and hypermarkets for several years. In the most recent episode, they focused on local food, i.e. food from the immediate surroundings.

“Local food is a way to support local producers, preserve the landscape care and agriculture, especially in those areas where people live. Of course, there is also an ecological impact, because food is not transported over such a long distance, and there is also the feeling of consumers who like seeing food that comes from their immediate surroundings,” says Petr Král on the topic.

Together with the editors of the programme, they compared the offer of local food, including the price, availability and logistics. In Austria and Germany, the availability of local products is a matter of course. In the Czech Republic, the staff had to visit three large stores in order to make the same purchase as in neighbouring countries.

“The situation in the Czech Republic will probably not change just like that. On the one hand, there will be a need for pressure from consumers, who have already shown it by their interest in farmers’ markets. On the other hand, the regional production will face a high concentration of food production with a few major players. The question is, when these two trends will collide with each other and how many consumers will have a clear preference for local products,” concludes Petr Král.

Play the video HERE (in Czech).