Doctoral Dissertations

Suggested topics:

  • Changes of international commodity, financial and currency markets and their impact on actors.
    • e.g. Exchange rate development in the Czech Republic. Causes and impact on foreign trade.
    • e.g. Impact of common agricultural policy on agricultural foreign trade.
    • e.g. Economic growth and productivity. Czech Republic at the turn of the millennium.
    • e.g. Interest rates and foreign direct investment in the Czech Republic.
    • e.g. Unemployment and regional labor mobility in the Czech Republic.
  • Systematic and institutional arrangements of the multilateral trading system in changing political and economic conditions.
    • e.g. Globalisation of world trade. Advantages and disadvantages. např. Globalizace světového obchodu.
    • e.g. Diversification of the Czech foreign trade.
    • e.g. Advantages and disadvantages of EU membership for the Czech Republic.
  • New strategic directions in the field of international business (with emphasis on various aspects of marketing, personnel and financial management in the international environment).
    • e.g. Impact of economic sanctions on bilateral trade of the Czech Republic and Russian Federation.
    • e.g. Importance of investment incentives for a domestic economy (in particular with emphasis on profit optimization, reinvestment and dividend outflows).
    • e.g. Impact of digitization and emerging digital ecosystems on industries and international trade.
    • e.g. Current trends in business communication with customers and consumer buying behavior on B2C and B2B markets, impact on changes in business management in different sectors.
  • Competitiveness of Czech enterprises in changing political and economic conditions.
  • Industry 4.0
    • e.g. New trends in global supply chains management.
  • New concepts of international trade statistics (national vs. cross-border concept).


  • prof. Ing. Hana Machková, CSc.
  • doc. Ing. Mansoor Maitah, Ph.D.
  • doc. Ing. Štěpán Müller, CSc., MBA
  • doc. Ing. Václav Petříček, CSc.
  • doc. Ing. Alexej Sato, CSc.
  • doc. Ing. Ludmila Štěrbová, CSc.
  • doc. Ing. Josef Taušer, Ph.D.
  • doc. Ing. Miroslava Zamykalová, CSc.